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Emily Kausalik, Ph.D.

I'm an Apple IT Professional

I'm a Certified Casper Administrator and Apple IT Nerd Professional with a passion for human-centered design and technological empowerment. I use my background in education and instruction to implement and maintain technological solutions for Apple devices and the people using them in the workplace.


Device Management

Writing & Documentation


Volusion, LLC

Help Desk Manager (Mar. 2016 –)

Team Lead + 80% more meetings!

Volusion, LLC

Help Desk Team Lead (Feb. 2015 – Mar. 2016)

As the Team Lead of the Help Desk team at Volusion I am the first point of contact for other departments when it comes to use, needs, and issues with their company-issued devices. I have worked closely with Purchasing and Finance to get the business technology our users need while staying on top of changing trends in available technology.

Managing a small team responsible for a large end user base, I have helped maintain our SLAs and ticket response times for user assistance and keep us on track for quarterly goals. As the Mac Systems Admin for the company, I deploy Apple devices to employees, build and maintain software applications and third-party patching cycles, develop imaging and deployment workflows for all Macs in our environment, and act as primary point of contact for all Apple-related support, use, and purchasing. I also manage our JAMF Software Server, database, and Casper tools.

JAMF Nation User Conference (2014)


"Branding Self Service for your Organization: Encouraging opt-in enrollment and self-help through a customized Self Service application"

Volusion, LLC

Desktop Support Technician (Dec. 2013 – Feb. 2015)

After supporting Volusion's merchants I moved to an internal support position, assisting Volusion's diverse employee population with their company-issued devices. Being brought in for my strong Apple experience and knowledge my main task was to support the ever-growing population of Apple devices at the company. I single-handedly maintain and support our Casper Suite infrastructure, from maintaining the database and server/JDS instances to building software packages for deployment and designing imaging configurations.

Day-to-day, I provide troubleshooting and technical support for networking, computer use, software and hardware issues, network user accounts, OS and software updates and installations, and printer and connectivity support for both Windows and Mac users. In addition to end user support our team also manages an Office 365 E3 Exchange system, VOIP phones, Active Directory, file and scan shares, SCCM, McAfee (Windows) and Sophos (Apple) anti-virus enterprise consoles, Jira ticketing system, and Confluence documentation server.

Volusion, LLC

Sr. Ecommerce Support Specialist (May 2013 - Dec. 2013)

As a Sr. Ecommerce Support Specialist I worked with Volusion merchants to better learn using the Volusion app to grow their business. From API integration to importing shop items and using FTP, I spent my time on the phone, in LiveChat, and corresponding through our CRM ticketing system teaching and empowering Volusion merchants to get the most out of the platform. With a strong background in HTML and CSS, I was often the go-to team member on the floor for design and template assistance.

The University of Texas at Austin

Assistant Instructor (2009 – 2013)

While pursuing my coursework at the University of Texas at Austin for my PhD I acted as a Teaching Assistant and Assistant Instructor for the Butler School of Music. With my specialization in film and television music I found myself being an assistant and the lead lecturer for multiple courses in Film Music and Sound. I also assisted with other University-wide courses in the UGS track, using my multidisciplinary approach to teach considerations of music and sound to students from many departments and areas of study.

As an Assistant Instructor I taught:
- Fall 2013: Music and Film Sound (MUS 337)
- Spring 2013: Introduction to Film Music and Sound (UGS 303)
- Fall 2012: Music, Art, and Ritual in Mexican Catholicism (UGS 303)
- Fall 2011-Spring 2012: Musicianship Lecture (MUS 605A-B)
- Spring 2011: Musicianship Lecture (MUS 605B)

As a Teaching Assistant I taught:
- Fall 2010: Introduction to Music and Film Sound
- Summer 2010: Music for Radio and Television
- Fall 2009-Spring 2010: Musicianship Lab (aural skills lab)

The University of Texas at Austin

Graduate Assistant, Music Multimedia Lab (MML) (2008 – 2013)

In addition to my teaching responsibilities for UT-Austin I also worked in the Butler School of Music's computer lab, called the Music Multimedia Lab. I primarily acted as a point of contact between the departments within the school and the lab, ensuring hardware and software met the needs of both graduate and undergraduate students as well as their instructors. I also crafted the semester schedules for ten student workers (and myself) to ensure proper coverage of the lab and trained new lab workers so they knew lab protocol and frequently-used applications. With my background using Sibelius for notation as a music theorist I was often the go-to Sibelius expert, which included setting up and maintaining a Silbelius license server for the lab. Additional duties included submitting bi-weekly payroll, working with the Work Study program for eligible student workers, and creating signage and documentation for lab use.

Bowling Green State University

Teaching Assistant (2006 – 2008)

As I pursued my Masters degree in Music Theory from Bowling Green State University I also acted as a Teaching Assistant. I spent both years at BGSU teaching aural skills to freshman in the music school's undergraduate program in small lab environments of between 10-20 students. The courses included intensive pitch and rhythm sight-reading and sight-singing, dictation, harmonization, and interval training.


- Certified Casper Administrator (CCA), v9


- Ph.D., Music Theory, The University of Texas at Austin (2015)
- M.M., Music Theory, Bowling Green State University (2008)
- B.A., Music, Butler University (2006)

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